What We Fund

The number of Virginians with diabetes and prediabetes is growing at an alarming rate. Compounding the problem is the fact that many Virginians live in communities with a shortage of programs for diabetes prevention and/or management.

How is VDC helping?

Through networking, advocating, and grantmaking, the Virginia Diabetes Council plays a pivotal role in helping to raise awareness, build connections, and support organizations in order to help change the trajectory of diabetes in Virginia.

What We Fund:

The Virginia Diabetes Council, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health, currently offers the LivingWell Grant and InnoVAte Grant. The purpose of these grants is to improve access to and participation in ADA-recognized/ADCES-accredited DSMES programs in underserved areas, increase engagement of pharmacists in the provision of medication management or DSMES for people with diabetes, and implement strategies to increase enrollment in CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs. The LivingWell grant is focused on new programs or program expansion into new areas/populations, as well as program support in high burdened areas. The focus of the InnoVAte grant is ​to develop new and innovative approaches to increase the reach and effectiveness of evidence-based public health strategies in populations and communities with a high burden of diabetes.

In addition to these grants, the Diabetes in Schools Workgroup of the Virginia Diabetes Council works with schools across the state to help support their state-mandated continuing education requirements. The LEARNS (Lions Empowering and Aiding Regional Nurses in Schools) program is a collaboration with the Lions Clubs International Foundation that helps bring educational programs related to staff education and diabetes awareness to any school that enrolls a student with diabetes.

How to Apply

We have 2 granting cycles.
The LivingWell grant runs from July 1 through June 30.
March 31st: RFP is posted
May 5th: applications due
June 1st: awards made
The InnoVAte grant runs from October 1 through September 30.
June 30th: RFP is posted
August 5th: applications due
Sept 1st: awards made

There are no active grants at the moment. Review our schedule to get ready for our next opportunity!

Who We Have Funded:
We are proud to support the amazing work of our
partners in their efforts to decrease the burden of
diabetes in Virginia.
FY22-23 Grantees
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