Make a Difference


Currently, the Virginia Diabetes Council has single-stream funding, which does not allow us the flexibility to pursue a wider-range of work we believe is critical, including:

  • Meeting the needs of people with diabetes.
  • Supporting those who have prediabetes, along with their family members.
  • Increasing the accessibility of tools and educational resources for those who may be diabetic or have prediabetic conditions.
  • Educating millions of others who are at risk and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices and reverse their disease trajectory.


  • Recruit and train more volunteers to reach underserved populations and at-risk communities.
  • Support Type 1 families with cutting-edge technology, information, and determined advocacy.
  • Develop a larger cadre of committed, knowledgeable speakers who can educate across the Commonwealth.
  • Target specific ethnicities and socio-economic groups who are at greater risk for diabetes and prediabetes.
  • Enhance social media to reach a wider audience not only for those who have diabetes, but also for those who are at imminent risk.