Getting your Novo Nordisk medicines: At this time, our ability to continuously manufacture medicines has not been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Our warehouses are stocked with long-term supplies of medicines and we have plans in place to maintain this level of production. We’re seeing an increased demand for our medicines as more patients are changing their prescriptions from a 30-day to a 90-day supply, so this may lead to occasionally needing extra time to get a prescription refilled. You can find commonly asked questions about this and other topics at
If patients need help affording their Novo Nordisk medicines? We want to help ensure patients using our diabetes medicines have access to them, which can be especially challenging during a healthcare crisis such as this. Novo Nordisk offers a variety of programs to address the different needs faced by patients. For complete information about all the options we offer to help patients afford their diabetes medicines, including an immediate need for insulin, visit or call us at 1.844.NOVO4ME (1.844.668.6463).

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