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Diabetes Prevention

Preventing Diabetes in Virginia Strategic Plan 2017-2018

Written by the Virginia Center for Diabetes Prevention and Education in partnership with Virginia Department of Health, this document provides the current status of diabetes prevention in Virginia and how stakeholders can expand diabetes prevention initiatives in Virginia.

Do I have Prediabetes?
Take this simple quiz to see if you may have pre-diabetes
By the American Association of Diabetes Educators, includes information on best practices for community screenings for diabetes prevention and management
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has launched a National Diabetes Prevention Program that has been proven to be effective all across the country.
The American Medical Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed this campaign to prevent diabetes.

Rehearsals 4 Change
A digital experience aimed to prevent type 2 diabetes. This interactive program allows site visitors to replicate their life and provided suggestions on how to live a better lifestyle.

Lifestyle Coach Training for Healthcare Providers

For healthcare professionals that are interested in becoming a lifestyle coach for the CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program, click here to learn more about lifestyle coaches and implementing a program.
As of December 2016 The Virginia Center for Diabetes Prevention and Education offers lifestyle coach training for healthcare providers. Click here to learn more!